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I am very pleased to introduce Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s Annual Report for 2017/18.

On 26 October 2017, NDVA changed its name to Derbyshire Voluntary Action. The choice of name came through much consultation and a final membership decision. The Derbyshire Voluntary Action team has not lost our passion and “reason to be”.

I am pleased to say our vision remains as in previous years, to see a well-connected and supported Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS); regarded as an equal partner with statutory services in health and care pathways. I am delighted to say that our organisation continues to play a lead role in representing, supporting and informing groups and organisations working in the health and well-being voluntary and community sector across Derbyshire. Our staff and board members integrity, commitment and innovation is well recognised and respected.

Throughout 2017/18, we have remained a committed member of many strategic boards and working groups. Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s Health & Social Care Voluntary Sector Forum has been a mechanism for consultation. This well attended quarterly forum, with its lively and impassioned debates taking place between speakers and members, has also continued to provide a much-needed place for networking, information sharing and community learning. There has been much to hear about and discuss during the course of the year and we take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in knowing that evaluation shows these meetings are highly rated by both the presenters and our forum members.

Derbyshire Voluntary Action’s Mental Health Liaison Service continues to play an important strategic and planning role in the provision of VCS mental health services across North Derbyshire and Hardwick. It works closely with mental health commissioners, NHS mental health service providers, Derbyshire County Council, other stakeholders and partners in the south of the county to support mental health service-providing groups.

Our well-respected vSPA North & Erewash social prescribing service has gone from strength to strength, taking referrals from frontline health and care professionals, VCS colleagues and a limited amount of self-referrals. The volume of referrals continues to grow, as does its reputation; for supporting vulnerable people to access the invaluable preventative and supportive health and wellbeing services, the Voluntary Sector provides.

Near the end of this financial year, we saw the start of an exciting new one-year project to raise awareness of cancer symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis, with a main aim to increase in the uptake of cancer screening. Be Cancer Safe, funded by the Cancer Alliance, is part of the Sheffield STP’s Early Diagnosis workstream and will be evaluated by Sheffield Hallam University. Working with partners in Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and Bassetlaw, Derbyshire Voluntary Action is the lead for North Derbyshire and Hardwick.

The Derbyshire Voluntary Action team has worked incredibly hard to support our members and to promote the amazing creativity, expertise and value for money, which exists across our sector. We understand the economic challenges that exist today; but Derbyshire Voluntary Action is an important and unique resource, which needs and deserves continued support.

Heather Fawbert



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